Model CP9361 - Air Scriber

Model CP9361 – Air Scriber


•Air scribe kit includes items below: (accessories also available individually) (1) air scribe (1) P-054207: anvil for use with chisels and blanks (1) P-054183: flat chisel for scaling and deburring (1) P-054184: chisel blank can be ground to special shapes for specific jobs (1) P-054182: round nose chisel for cleaning weld bead or inside radii (1) P-054177: high strength carbide-tipped stylus points for writing and marking (1) P-043886: 8 , 1/4 ID air hose (1) P-056381: air filter •Lightweight, easy to operate •Simple, piston supplied power for trouble free use •Graduated sleeve throttle permits accurate power selection •Change of stylus converts tool to scaler or hammer


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