‎Series 3-4MT × 14-5/16″ OAL - T-A Spade Drill Holder

‎Series 3-4MT × 14-5/16″ OAL – T-A Spade Drill Holder


•T-A® Drill Insert HoldersCoolant Fed Taper Shank •Series 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 T-A® Drill Insert Holders •Are available with a larger body diameter than the standard series, which yields added support for drill inserts and higher inertial strength. This reduces holder failure in high torque applications. Call for pricing. Note: Rotary Coolant Adapters are sold separately.T-A® Drill Insert holders are also available in XLand 3XLlengths including metric versions of most sizes. Call for pricing. When using the Extended, Long, XL and 3XL holders without a support bushing, AMEC recommends using a short T-A® holder to establish an initial hole two to three times diameters deep. Never start or continue rotation of this tool holder without proper engagement with a work piece or fixture. Failure to do so could result in tool failure and/or personal injury.


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